Engrain Acquires DeliverHere App, Extends Market Penetration

App Assists Delivery Drivers by Providing Detailed Maps of Apartment Communities

By Samantha Chalmers

Engrain announced recently that it has acquired DeliverHere, an app that displays apartment property maps to assist delivery drivers and help improve their efficiency and save time.

The acquisition will enable Engrain to add to its largest database of maps in the country while expanding its user base and client reach. It will also augment Engrain’s pursuit of providing industry-leading map visualization options. Engrain will incorporate the DeliverHere app into its Vertigo platform.

“Delivery drivers often arrive at an apartment community and can get lost in a convoluted maze of buildings, floors and external pathways,” said Brent Steiner, founder and chief executive officer of Engrain. “As an organization that prides itself on making life easier through visualization, our mission complements that of DeliverHere and provides the foundation for a strategic partnership.”

By acquiring DeliverHere, Engrain also adds an existing base of delivery drivers and industry contacts to its ever-growing database. As part of the acquisition, Engrain will retain DeliverHere founder Brian Bullock as a consultant and advisor.

“I’m very excited to team with such a recognized industry leader in map visualization and vastly increase the reach of the DeliverHere platform,” Bullock said. “From a large-scale perspective, the network effect created by the merger will be mutually beneficial and we’re eager to get started.”

Engrain will incorporate the app in a phased approach, first by combining its life safety and delivery service applications and API, known as Vertigo, to the DeliverHere platform. Engrain plans to replace the DeliverHere listing on the app store with Vertigo and will later launch Vertigo as a standalone app and API available to delivery, logistics and life safety users.

“We’re excited to incorporate the platform and empower drivers to improve their delivery times,” Steiner said. “We look forward to regularly adding maps to the platform and offering a user-friendly experience that will assist not only delivery personnel, but ride-share drivers, first responders and others aiming to save time when they arrive at a multi-dwelling development.”

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