Apartment Leasing

Attracting Residents Who Pay and Stay with Incentive Optimization

by Andrew Ruhland

Apartment operators everywhere are trying to maintain steady cash flow and, if plausible, increase revenue in today’s economic uncertainty.

Resident retention is key, and the best way to maintain ideal occupancy rates begins with meeting renters where they are and responding to them with immediacy. Operators are turning to incentive optimization tools that can not only enhance the lives of residents, but also help operators boost renewal rates and lower their operating costs.

Forward-thinking operators are tapping into technology-powered incentive optimization, such as cash back for renters who pay their rent on time. These tools garner higher resident engagement while empowering them to establish financial security. This is a significant resource for renters, especially with ongoing inflation, rising mortgage costs, skyrocketing rent and a looming recession.

Read Andrew Ruhland’s article in the Rental Housing Journal.

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