How Operators Can Better Manage in a Fast-Paced Environment

By Rob Beauchamp

There’s been no slow-down of all-things-fast. The expectation of quick results that comes with the nation’s burgeoning instant culture has brought new challenges for those at the forefront of property management. As the demand for immediate information, data and results becomes more prevalent in the multifamily industry, operators are faced with the challenge of leveraging technology to engage and support their onsite teams.

A “need for speed” has always existed, but the fast evolution of consumer technology along with social media has pushed us further into instant culture. And for many industries, including real estate, the pandemic propelled tech development to an unprecedented pace. People were forced to shift their habits when COVID restrictions disrupted normal patterns.

The need to leverage technology was clear in multifamily, where the typical in-person contact between onsite teams and customers was no longer possible. Virtual tours, self-guided tours and chatbots solidified their place in the leasing process. Communities used technology to help prospects find and secure apartment homes virtually, in real-time and in ways that acknowledged how people prefer to consume information and communicate today.

The multifamily industry, however, still faces challenges when it comes to leveraging technology to support onsite teams and help them perform most efficiently and effectively. They crave fast, effective training and frequent, meaningful feedback. When these things are lacking, employees are more likely to underperform, be disengaged and move on to the next opportunity. We know the cost of disengagement and turnover is huge, so how can we tackle these challenges and how can technology help?

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