In-Depth Industry Knowledge is Key to Powerful Innovation

by Lucas Haldeman

For decades, when multifamily operators required a technology solution, they typically had to source it from outside the industry. While many innovations designed for other business sectors could be modified for use by the apartment industry, they often didn’t work as well as operators hoped. The reasons for the product shortcomings were simple: they weren’t designed for multifamily and, perhaps most importantly, they weren’t developed by multifamily. 

Fortunately the winds have shifted, with technology companies now focusing on multifamily’s innovation needs. However, there is a subset of best-of-breed solutions currently found in the industry that were conceived, designed and developed by suppliers with real estate experience and a deep knowledge of multifamily’s unique challenges and nuances. Operators are no longer stuck with one-size-fits-all solutions, but are now empowered to introduce technologies specifically designed for apartment communities. 

Read Lucas Haldeman’s article in the Multifamily Insiders.

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