Want to Drive Resident Retention? Embrace Pet Inclusiveness

by John Bradford

Apartment communities have become very creative when it comes to keeping their current residents. Soft renewal-rate increases, promises of more resident events, the implementation of cutting-edge smart home features, property upgrades, and flexible lease terms are among the items offered. 

All sound compelling, but it’s plausible that none of them will persuade a significant demographic to remain in the building—the pet owner. 

That dazzling new theater room might be enticing to some, but to residents Charlie and Sheena in unit 303, it does nothing to improve the experience of Jasper, their Airedale Terrier. Pet owners have become a more discerning group when choosing a place to live, and the comfortability levels of their pets often serves as a tiebreaking factor. 

Read John Bradford’s article in the Multifamily Executive.

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