Automating Evictions – It Has to Be a Thing

By Larry Bellack

Among the tasks onsite associates deal with daily, eviction management can fall low on their priority list. Notices may end up slipping through the cracks or posted only when associates finally find time in their busy schedules. 

Given a choice, onsite team members won’t rush to initiate the eviction process on their own. Balancing the business side and the personal relationships can be a challenge. Residents may get some additional days to pay, sometimes just so the associate doesn’t look like the bad guy. Onsite teams should focus on finding renters new homes and creating the best living experience possible. Facilitating a process that removes a resident from their homes simply isn’t in their DNA. 

Regardless of the reason, delays in the eviction process are extremely costly to multifamily operators. With each day that passes, debt accumulates and the likelihood of revenue recovery diminishes. 

So I find myself asking “why aren’t evictions automated? Why does the process rely on associates who are too busy to effectively stay on top of delinquency and disinclined to engage in evictions in the first place?”

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