Employment Landscape

Building Teams by Building Community

By Kendall Pretzer

Community doesn’t end at the property line. One of the amazing things about this industry is the chance to make lasting contributions and have a meaningful impact on the communities in which we serve.

A big lesson from the recent hiring and retention challenges is that employees possess a powerful desire to thrive in their careers, to go beyond a job and a paycheck. This presents owners and operators an opportunity to build lasting connections with their employees, which in turn creates success in hiring and retention.

As we turn the page on a new year and take time for reflection and goal-setting, organizations may want to take a step back from their normal day-to-day operations and create ways for their corporate and on-site associates to make a positive impact in our communities. Taking moments to give back to the communities that surround your properties and offices will build stronger teams across the entire organizational spectrum.

Read Kendall Pretzer’s article in Rental Housing Journal.

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