How Pet Poop DNA Testing Fixes Your Apartment Poop Problem

by John Triplett

Pets and pet poop are a way of life in rental housing and if you want your rentals fully leased, pet owners are a key tenant demographic you want to keep and apartment pet poop DNA testing can be the key with

And for companies involved in working with apartments and rental housing providers, “business is booming!” said J Retinger, CEO of BioPet Laboratories Inc. and PooPrints® website.

“We are now servicing over 6,000 communities in six countries. We are currently receiving an average of 300+ pieces of poop a day.  We have also evolved the program to include free perks for the pet owners when a community enrolls in the program,” Retinger said.

“We have PooPrints Pet Parent Perks that they receive when joining our program – credits with,, and the BioPet LifePlan,” said McKenzie Towns, Manager, Sales Operations for the company.

To read the entire article, visit the Rental Housing Journal.

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