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Industry Trends Report | Week of September 5


DCFCs Can’t Be the Blanket Solution for EV Charging

Fast-public charging networks have dominated much of the discussion surrounding the future of electric vehicle charging. However, charging at home and work has consistently been the preferred method for EV owners. While attention must be given to public charging, a greater focus on investing in multifamily communities is required to meet the future needs of charging and increase the adoption of EVs.

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A Missing Data Role That May Be Holding You Back

As the multifamily industry continues to shed its image of being “technology averse” and embraces the growing availability of advancements, owner/operators will need to look to a new type of employee to maximize the benefits — data stewards. These additions to your organization’s team will serve as the go-to experts for all data-related issues and ensure consistent application of data in all business aspects.

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Brand Style Guides for Multifamily Properties

Solidifying a community’s brand is essential for differentiating it from others, so when marketing a new property, establishing a brand style guide works toward that goal. A solid BSG includes the logo, color palette, fonts, wordmarks and symbols utilized by the community. It can be used by architects, designers, social media, marketing and others to present your community’s distinct style to prospects and residents.

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CRE Steps Forward for Some Women, Stalls for Others

Women continue to make strides in the upper echelons of commercial real estate, but challenges remain when it comes to talent pipelines, mentorship and diversity. The difference in total compensation for women decreased from 15% below men in 2020 to 6% in 2022. In addition, the industry is more inclusive now than it has been in the past. The pandemic has also changed how people have reprioritized work, with many women taking an entrepreneurial approach to their careers in CRE.

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Rent Control Measures Pile Up Nationwide

Even though rent control measures are repeatedly shown to have the exact opposite intended effect, officials in numerous states and metropolitan areas continue to pursue implementation. Some measures have been rejected, but others have already been enacted or placed on November ballots despite pledges by developers to avoid rent-control regions. As the debate continues, opponents say leaders are sacrificing long-term economic growth for short-term political gain.

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Modernizing Prospect Engagement Strategies With Automation

Prompt and frequent engagement with prospects is fundamental to successful leasing, and operators can address the demand for immediacy with strategy and technology to avoid overburdening onsite teams. Automation gives communities an edge by providing information and hyper-personalized touchpoints without delay. Over 60% of prospects rent from the first community that contacts them, making immediate connections more important than ever.

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