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Now Is the Time to Promote Mental Health in Multifamily

by Stephanie Anderson

If you’re in crisis, help is available by calling or texting the 988 Suicide & Crisis Hotline, where trained counselors are available 24/7. Call or text to 988 or visit to chat with someone.

Multifamily experienced an improvement in mental health last year, but the number of people who reported less stress in 2023 are akin to the numbers reported during the pandemic, according to the National Apartment Association 2023 Mental and Emotional Health Study.

Stress about heavy workload was reported by 40% of respondents in the study and an equal number stated they had taken time off work because of stress. Sadly, 28% reported not even knowing if their company offered mental health assistance. This is where as an industry we have an opportunity to walk the walk by implementing regular mental health training, encouraging mental health checkups, sharing resources with employees during high-stress periods, along with communication and follow-up with employees about how they are doing.

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