Apartment Leasing

How Treating Residents as Renewal Leads Maximizes Revenue and NOI

by Andrew Ruhland

Service providers in any industry know the secret to repeat business is rooted in how they treat their customers. Regardless of the product or service, customers expect a top-tier experience throughout their entire purchasing cycle, from the initial search to post-purchase and all the interactions in between. 

Many apartment operators are taking note and placing more emphasis on continuing to nurture their leads even beyond when a resident signs a lease and moves in. Converting a lead to a lease is a huge part of the equation, but without the proper constituents in place to foster an end-to-end resident lifecycle – especially as renewal time approaches – operators risk losing residents as quickly as they’ve secured them. Renewals extend beyond individual communities, as operators want to keep that resident within their organization’s overall ecosystem. 

Read Andrew Ruhland’s article in UNITS Magazine.

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