Industry Trends Report |Week of March 27


You Should Reconsider Your Breed and Weight Restrictions

by David Stunja

Owner/operators looking to maximize their appeal to potential residents and create the most attractive portfolio of amenities and features can improve their success with a review of their pet policies. Properties that are pet-welcoming have greater appeal, a stronger sense of community and improved retention rates. Organizations should avoid simply dropping their restrictions and take a measured, innovative approach for a smoother transition.

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Outdoor Amenity Conversions: Beyond Pickleball Courts

by Michael Miller

Pickleball’s rise in popularity encouraged many communities to make conversions of existing outdoor amenities to accommodate the increased demand. A welcome side effect of these adjustments has been a more flexible approach to outdoor amenities to future-proof for changing tastes.

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Banking on Transit-Oriented Development

by Emily Gallagher

Transit-oriented development is becoming a popular real estate strategy as growing urban centers implement sustainable transportation. Mixed-use properties close to public transit foster more healthy and livable neighborhoods that thrive without the need for personal transportation.

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The Challenges of Proptech

by Aly J.Yale

There are four challenges owner/operators face when integrating proptech — selection, beneficial partnerships, post-installation requirements and broad acceptance from employees. Not all proptech is created equal, so the selection of the best solution for an organization’s operations and goals is required to garner all the benefits proptech can offer.

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Chatbots Are Here to Stay — Who Do You Buy From?

by Tiffany De Alva

The demand for immediate answers to questions has led to the rise of chatbots as a primary support tool, and most people prefer impersonal interaction to basic queries. When selecting a chatbot, multifamily companies should consider purpose, integration, value and more.

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Variable-Capacity Technology for Heating, Cooling Needs

by the Editors of Multi-Housing News

Heating and cooling systems are one of the most critical components of a multifamily community when it comes to costs and resident comfort. Variable-capacity technology can provide operational savings and better performance compared to traditional HVAC systems.

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Apartment Construction Prices Increase, Delays Down

by Courtney Fingar

Construction delays continue to be a complication for 79% of developers, according to the latest report from the National Multifamily Housing Council. However, that’s a significant decrease from the 97% that were encountering issues in June 2022. That’s as materials costs continue to increase in all areas except for lumber, which is finally decreasing after months of high prices. Despite the improvements, development remains a challenge, particularly in lower- and middle-income price points.

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NMHC President Talks About Rent Control, Affordability

by Taylor Driscoll

Sharon Wilson Geno, who became president of the National Multifamily Housing Council in February, has made the issue of affordable housing a priority for the organization. Her mission is to educate local, state and federal policymakers on the crisis and the best approaches to a solution.

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Court Rules Communities Can Ask About Criminal History

by John Triplett

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that Seattle’s Fair Chance Housing Ordinance, which bans the discussion or consideration of a prospect’s criminal history, is a violation of free speech. Opponents said it prevented them from considering the well-being of residents.

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