PooPrints Expands Its International Portfolio

by Morgan Dzak

PooPrints, the first and largest commercial DNA Pet Waste and Pet Identification Management Company, today announced an expanded roll-out of its premiere platform to an additional 10 build-to-rent (BTR) communities in the United Kingdom, bolstering its portfolio of more than 6,000 BTR communities internationally. 

Established in 2009 as a way to promote responsible pet ownership, protect the environment and expand pet access, the PooPrints platform now spans six countries across the globe, including the U.S., Canada and the U.K. With more than 600,000 dogs currently on its patented DNA World Pet Registry® Database, the company analyzes samples of unscooped pet waste left behind at a BTR community to help identify the pet it belongs to and its owner. PooPrints’ database of dog DNA profiles also assists owners trying to find a lost or stolen dog.

“Our program operates in thousands of BTR communities across the world and we’re receiving an average of 300 waste samples each day,” said J. Retinger, CEO of PooPrints. “With more pet owners choosing to live in BTR communities and operators allowing pets onsite, we don’t anticipate it slowing down anytime soon. We understand that most pet owners are responsible and clean up after their pet, we simply offer a proactive measure that will effectively address the issue on a larger scale.” 

Through the PooPrints platform, operators collect a DNA sample via a cheek swab of pets new to a BTR community that is logged with the company’s world registry. When unscooped pet waste is found onsite, a small portion of the waste is collected using safe, non-toxic materials and sent to the PooPrints owned and operated BioPet laboratory. The genetic profile is analyzed and matched to the offending canine and owner. Operators utilizing PooPrints have reported a 95% reduction in fouling incidents since implementing the service. 

“PooPrints offers a simple, seamless process for dog registration,” said Russell Markou, head of operations at Quintain Living. “The pet DNA registry allows us to effectively manage our pet population and also provides added services for our residents. Responsible dog owners do not oppose registering their pets’ DNA to proactively avoid dog poop being left around the community. As a result, we haven’t had any issues with dog mess since we launched our pet-friendly buildings and started the programme.”

PooPrints also uses DNA samples from its database to help identify lost dogs and reunite them with their owners. PooPrints has reconnected more than 50 dogs with their owners throughout its U.S. database. With an increase in stolen animals in the U.K., PooPrints’ DNA World Pet Registry® Database allows dog owners to keep their dog’s DNA on file in case they become lost or are stolen. Unlike microchipping a dog, which can be removed, PooPrints’ lost-and-found technology is an immutable form of tech that lasts a lifetime as DNA cannot be altered. 

PooPrints BioPet laboratories adhere to the strict protocols of the FBI DNA testing guidelines, being an ISO accredited lab and guaranteeing operators accurate results and rapid processing.

“Our goal is to help society in multiple facets with DNA identification technology,” Retinger said. “DNA identification of dogs not only drastically improves the overall cleanliness of a BTR community and the environment, but it also helps reunite owners with lost or stolen dogs and promotes responsible pet ownership.”

Once a community signs on with PooPrints, the company and pet owners can reap the benefits of additional pet amenities through PooPrints’ Pet Parent Perks that are offered to those who register their pet with the program. The perks for pet owners include credits with pet stores and services and the BioPet LifePlan, as well as having their dog’s DNA profile in the database to help in case of theft or a lost incident. 

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