Xeal Partners with StreetLights for Six-State EV Charging Rollout

by Darcey Leach

Xeal, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and smarter technology for the multifamily industry, today announced an agreement with StreetLights Residential, one of the nation’s leading developers, designers and builders of multifamily communities, to install a significant number of charging stations across the company’s nationwide pipeline of new developments.

StreetLights has developed more than 15,000 units in 19 cities in six states across the United States. The initial phase calls for over 100 stations to be installed at 14 communities. Notably, this includes 30 EV stations at The Hadley, a state-of-the-art, high-rise community in Atlanta that is slated to welcome residents in Spring 2023. The project is part of StreetLights’ ongoing commitment to providing its residents with the most conscientious choice for EV charging solutions, meeting current demands and future-proofing its portfolio for the inevitable increase of EV purchases among renters.

“Reliable EV charging that provides 100% uptime is important not just to our residents but to StreetLights, as well,” said Robert de Bruin, President of StreetLights Residential. “We are committed to providing our residents with dependable solutions that align with our organization’s ESG goals. StreetLights is sensitive to the impact our industry makes, and we are fully committed to doing our part to provide a better future for our residents and the neighborhoods and cities in which we live. We look forward to working with Xeal as a forward-thinking partner in planning and executing our sustainability goals.”

Xeal’s EV charging platform and patent-pending Apollo protocol utilize a self-reliant, distributed connectivity solution that has all of the benefits of a smart charger but removes the frustrating bottleneck of centralized IT infrastructure that leads to charger downtime. This approach provides residents with the industry’s most reliable EV charging experience via a user-friendly platform that doesn’t depend on a central server or any IT infrastructure to successfully initiate a charging session, transact, and perform all other smart functions.

Xeal also has power optimization software built into its turnkey solution that empowers buildings to install up to 3x as many charging stations without additional electrical upgrades, thus reducing capital expenditure and maximizing return on investment for property owners. As sales of EVs skyrocket, developers can rely on Xeal’s technology to meet the rapidly growing demand for home charging in multifamily.

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