Crafting an Effective Pet Policy for Your Apartment Community

by John Bradford

Part of the challenge of crafting an effective pet policy is that there is no right answer. Sure, standardized policies would make things easier, but that’s where the apartment industry fell behind the curve in the first place. 

The freedom to create your own policy enables operators to cater to the nuances of their properties and best reflect the tendencies of their residents. That said, there are several components that can help shape any modern-day policy while allowing the wiggle room to design it in a customized fashion. 

One general recommendation is to keep any resident-facing policies as concise as possible. That makes them more digestible and leaves less room for ambiguity as to how they’re interpreted. Otherwise, here are some guidelines to construct pet policies better fit for the 2020s opposed to the rigid policies of the 1990s or 2000s.

Read John Bradford’s article in the Multifamily Executive.

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