Industry Trends Report | Week of November 6


Revolutionizing Delinquency Solutions: Innovative Approaches

by Rowland Hobbs

One of the biggest challenges facing owners and operators is delinquencies, which pose a significant financial risk and can disrupt operations, causing friction between onsite teams and residents with bad debt. Financial incentives can help reduce delinquencies while also reducing concession costs.

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The Art and Science of Capturing Renters’ Attention

by Paul Willis

As leasing demand decreases, multifamily marketing teams are faced with being more creative to make their properties stand out. Modern-day marketers are more research-driven and tech-savvy, and now they play a bigger role in the organizational framework — a significant change from a decade ago.

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Conquering Today’s Top Talent & Supply Chain Issues

by Morgan Dzak

A battle for top maintenance talent is underway, propelled by employee departures, retention challenges and competitive wages. Given their importance to a community, owners must find ways to motivate maintenance teams and create a career path for their employees.

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The Correlation Between Parking and Reputation 

by Dustin Lacey

Reputation is the cornerstone of any multifamily community and maintaining it is a top priority. In many cases, it could be a make-or-break factor for prospects. One of the most mentioned amenities, particularly in negative reviews, is parking. Poor reputation scores caused by parking challenges can interrupt lead generation, make it difficult for onsite teams to close with prospects and cost owners significant numbers.

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Digital First: Be Everywhere Your Renters Are

by Kevin Juhasz

Already embracing a “digital first” approach to the search for their next home, many renters are now beginning to shift to a “digital only” strategy. This preference shift requires multifamily marketing teams to evaluate their digital presence to ease friction points and attract new residents.

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Top Marketers: Retention Through the Digital Sphere

by Jordana Rothberg

The Lease-Up podcast talks about digital marketing with James Love, vice president of marketing and brand at Draper and Kramer, Inc., including the role it plays in resident retention, the importance of social media and using modern technology to create authentic and creative campaigns.

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NMHC/Grace Hill 2024 Report Shows Evolving Renter Preferences

by Darcey Leach

Data is the foundation of any business decision and knowing what renters truly want is critical for multifamily owners to navigate the future of their portfolios. The National Multifamily Housing Council and Grace Hill have released the 2024 Renter Preferences Survey Report that covers what’s most important to residents, as well as resident satisfaction, the evolution of remote work and the movement toward electric vehicles.

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Multifamily Says It’s Being Demonized About Service Fees

by Richard Berger

The multifamily industry is fighting back over its inclusion in the fight to tackle junk fees. Sarah Rahment, legislative analyst for the National Multifamily Housing Council, says legislators need to be educated on how fees work in the industry and why they shouldn’t be labeled as “junk.”

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Sagging Market: Owners Pushed to Do More With Less

by Patrick Sisson

With slowing rent growth, high interest rates and more inventory hitting the market, more multifamily owners are turning to technology to centralize operations and reduce their costs. Analysts are predicting increases in technology spending as companies attempt to shore up their bottom lines.

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