Engrain Announces New Map Views in SightMap

by Morgan Dzak

Engrain, the market leader in interactive touring, mapping and data visualization software for the multifamily industry, today announced the release of street map and satellite map views within SightMap, multifamily’s leading interactive map tool. The new homefront search feature allows renters to toggle between multiple map views and expands context beyond a community and into the surrounding neighborhood. 

The homefront search option will elevate SightMap, an interactive property map for real estate, with a more immersive apartment and neighborhood search by providing renters with multiple layers of visual context around individual apartments, communities and the neighborhood. Renters have the ability to look at all community content in one location and can better understand an apartment’s location, views and features.

“This major release moves SightMap even closer to a more traditional map search experience, something we’ve been working closely on for a while,” said Brent Steiner, founder and CEO of Engrain. “Modern renters like to do their own research and homefront search gives them all the tools they need in one place to visualize and understand  apartment homes available within a multifamily property. They don’t have to switch between different web pages or apps to piece all the information together – SightMap  allows renters to do a unit-level search while looking at community amenities and which streets, parks, restaurants and retail stores are nearby. It’s a much more comprehensive apartment search and a better renter experience.” 

The homefront search feature is now available as an option for all active SightMap subscriptions. Users can seamlessly switch between floor plate, street and satellite views on community websites and do all their own research from one landing page on any property website. The new search views on SightMap create an experience closer to a traditional map search and provide a more streamlined approach to cross-property searches. SightMap is currently supported by more than 250 apartment website providers. 

“These expanded search views pave the way to even more innovations heading into 2023, including pathfinding within SightMap and map-based portfolio searches on operators’ websites,” Steiner said. “We’re in a new era of leasing and renters are much more tech-savvy than ever before. They want to select their specific apartment and quickly learn as much about it as possible. We’re excited to continue meeting renters where they’re at and providing our clients and partners with innovative tools to enhance the experiences they offer to renters.” 

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