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Industry Trends Report | Week of July 18


High Demand for EVs Means a High Demand for Charging Stations

A perfect storm of increasing availability, better affordability, intensifying environmentalism and record-high gas prices have placed electric vehicles at the forefront for a larger number of car buyers. EV and PHEV sales for 2022 are expected to be triple what they were a few years ago. A large number of these new owners will be renters, which means multifamily communities will need to make EV charging stations a priority if they hope to remain competitive.

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The Modern Value-Add Approach for Locking in Renters

Value-add has proved to be a valuable tool for breathing new life into old properties. However, it’s no longer just for buildings constructed in the 80s, 90s or aughts. To keep renters interested, any building that’s older than six years should examine its in-unit and community amenities. Changes in renter profiles, including lifestyles and work styles, mean communities will need to modernize sooner to remain competitive and keep residents.

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7 Ways to Deal With Uncooperative Residents

Any career in multifamily, especially for onsite teams, means there will inevitably be encounters with uncooperative residents. While associates may face blame for any problem, even those out of their control, this industry allows them to maintain some power in the situation since a contract is involved. There are steps that managers and their teams can take before and during a conflict that will help guide them down the best path for dealing with difficult residents.

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A Smart Home Trilogy to Optimize Operations and Teams

The implementation of smart locks, smart thermostats and leak detection systems creates a symbiotic relationship that amplifies the value of each individual technology. This trilogy makes it possible for owner/operators to gain increased net operating income through savings as opposed to relying solely on rent increases. Working together, the systems improve functionality, energy conservation and asset protection.

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Entrepreneurial Ventures vs. Traditional Jobs

Mary Stewart Malone, principal and co-founder of Addison Partners, joins the Apartments on the Go team to discuss her personal journey in finding the willpower to succeed in an environment that wasn’t always catered towards her. In addition, she shares advice on building a team that demonstrates passion and a drive to be successful.

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How the Housing Shortage Became a Crisis

Seven years of underproducing homes followed by a global pandemic has turned the nation’s housing shortage into a crisis. The problem is worsening thanks to supply chain issues and artificial barriers such as zoning and rising NIMBYism. From 2012-2019, the United States underproduced housing by more than 3.8 million units. While affordable housing was more commonly a problem in coastal regions and the Southwest, underproduction has grown to a concern in 47 states and D.C.

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