Industry Trends Report | Week of May 22


The Benefits of ESG Reporting in Multifamily Housing

by J Retinger

While numerous companies have reported ESG metrics for years, the practice is still relatively new in the multifamily industry. Even with the challenge of keeping up with regulatory changes, there are numerous benefits to the industry in embracing ESG reporting. Beyond appealing more to investors, ESG furthers environmental initiatives, commands higher rents and appeals to residents and prospects.

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Beyond Allowing Pets: The Rise of Pet-Centric Amenities

by John Bradford

As the presence of pets in multifamily communities continues to rise, owner/operators are learning that “pet friendly” is more than allowing dogs and cats. To retain pet owners, communities need to provide their furry residents with parks, services, events and more.

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Combatting Rent Growth Decline: Revenue Recovery

by Kevin Juhasz

Cutting costs is a popular tactic, but not always the best avenue to deal with declining rent growth. Rather than focus on trying to reduce every expense, owners should seek methods to recover revenue, including maximizing rent collection and optimizing the eviction process. 

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Multifamily Innovation: Pets and Technology Together

by Morgan Dzak

Allowing more pets in a community isn’t a simple case of just letting the dogs in, it’s also about employing technology and services to make sure it’s done right. Screening databases provide insight into the pets that you’re bringing in and DNA technology can boost the responsibility of pet owners regarding waste management.

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5 Lessons for Selecting Technology

by Bendix Anderson

Deciding what proptech to implement and understanding the challenges ahead can be daunting. Fortunately, there are owners and operators willing to share what they’ve learned from their foray into proptech and what others need to do for success.

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How ChatGPT Will Change Real Estate — In Its Own Words

by ChatGPT

Artificial intelligence is all the rage right now with the multifamily and commercial real estate industries still determining how to best use it to their advantage. Now, ChatGPT gets a moment in the spotlight to explain how it thinks AI can help.

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Few Believe in the American Dream of Home Ownership Anymore

by Barbara Billinger

From 2009 until the pandemic, the percentage of Americans optimistic about owning a home consistently hovered in the upper 60s to lower 70s, according to Gallup polling. That figure has been decreasing since 2020, and the latest survey shows a dismal 21% still believe in the American Dream, one of the lowest figures in the 45 years Gallup has asked the question. Equally troubling is the fact that only about half of millennials have purchased a home — less than any generation before.

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The New Amenities: What Renters Really Want

by Olivia Bunescu

As new generations increase their share of the rental housing market, the in-unit features and amenities that multifamily communities offer also continiue to shift. Stalwarts such as Wi-Fi remain popular, smart home technology and sustainability are in higher demand.

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Government Lending Agencies a Beacon of Stability

by Jay Donaldson

As troubles beset regional banks, and economic volatility and interest rates present challenges, government lending is proving to be a more stable avenue for developers. Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and FHA/HUD are also increasing lending options in an effort to assist developers.

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