It’s Time to Rethink Breed and Weight Restrictions

by John Bradford

In the pet policies of the past, breed and weight restrictions were just as common as collision insurance within an automobile policy. Essentially, all rental communities had them, and it was part of the landscape. 

Slowly, that mindset has begun to shift—and those on the forefront of eliminating these pet restrictions have reaped the benefits. The more inclusive approach creates a wider pool of potential residents and happier pet owners who are more likely to renew. 

Before delving too far into the nuances of how to effectively shed the restrictions, it is important to note that the approach should not be done haphazardly. Simply eradicating the restrictions and hoping for the best won’t generally work out favorably. Operators should unequivocally maintain their right to disallow certain pets—it just doesn’t have to be based on preexisting characteristics like breed and weight.

Read John Bradford’s article in the Multifamily Executive.

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