LIVEbe Expands Remote Work Capabilities at The Remy

by Paul Willis

LIVEbe, a premier apartment developer and operator dedicated to delivering distinct apartment homes within connected communities, today announced the expansion of its work-from-home capabilities at The Remy, a two-phase apartment community in the emerging Harkins District of Prince George’s County.

The Remy, which opened its second phase in January to complement the original 2017-unveiled building, has recently bolstered its telecommunicating spaces, conference room and additional remote-work spaces in an effort to provide the most robust work-from-home experience in the market. LIVEbe estimates that approximately 30% of residents at The Remy’s 546 homes work from home at least some of the time.  

“Work-from-home amenities used to be something of a bonus item, but now they are an expectation for residents with people working from home more than ever,” said Elaine De Lude, vice president of LIVEbe. “We certainly want to be on the plus side of the curve and make certain our remote-working residents not only have the all the resources that they need, but also that they’ll have a comfortable and efficient work-from-home experience.”

The remote-work boom reached its precipice during the early days of the pandemic, naturally, but many companies realized they could be just as productive with that model. As such, more and more companies are allowing associates to work remotely. 

According to research from Ladders, 25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022—and that trend is projected to further increase moving forward. Research from Owl Labs indicates that fewer than half of companies (44%) prohibit remote work of any kind, meaning 56% of companies enable some percentage of their associates to work a hybrid or fully remote schedule. 

The Remy’s most prominent work-from-home features include telecommuting spaces with booth-style seating spread throughout each building, traditional workstations and an accessible PC and printer. The community also offers large and small conference rooms with wipe boards, large TV screen monitors and various outdoor spaces, including two rooftop lounges and additional social and relaxation areas with comfortable seating. The banquet-style spaces and conference tables are equipped with charging ports. 

The Remy resident Desmond Scott works exclusively from home for his federal government job and has enjoyed the experience, particularly the variety of remote options available. 

“The Remy is set up with various different workspaces so I am able to move around and utilize the space that works the best for me that day,” Scott said. “Sometimes I may need to take a call in the enclosed office, or when I’ve had a long week, I may want to sit next to the window and enjoy the sunlight. Having free coffee at my disposal is also a plus.”

Scott said The Remy’s workspaces have enabled him to better connect with neighbors and onsite team members and have prevented any feelings of isolation since he is not confined to his apartment home for the workday.

“Today it is very important for apartment communities to offer a robust work-from-home experience,” Scott said. “Most people are working from home at least one or two days a week now that workers have proved their abilities to successfully perform remotely. It’s important to ensure they are comfortable doing so.”

The Remy also sits within minutes of the New Carrollton Metro Station’s MARC and Amtrak trains, which provide expedient access for those who work a hybrid schedule or completely offsite. 

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