Markerr Launches RealRent, the Most Accurate Measure of Rent Growth 

by Morgan Dzak

Markerr, an analytics platform providing unique insights about demand and supply anywhere in the United States, announced today the launch of RealRent. Markerr RealRent measures current and future effective rents by zip code, leveraging a diverse data network including historical market and effective rents from listings, surveys, transactions and other measures of demand and supply. With a more robust, representative data sample and machine learning models to nowcast and forecast rent, RealRent is the industry’s most accurate measure of rental rates for CRE investors, owners and operators.

“Having the most accurate, timely assessment of rents across regions allows CRC to effectively grow in new and existing markets,” said Ari Abramson, VP Acquisitions at Continental Realty Corporation. “Markerr’s RealRent provides us with a differentiated view of opportunities, so we can prioritize the right deals and underwrite in the way that best fits CRC’s strategy. Markerr’s platform is embedded in our acquisitions workflow, and contributed to our incredible success in 2021.”

Standard measures of rent activity rely on limited inputs covering a narrow set of property types, and measure rent by MSA or pre-set submarkets. In contrast, Markerr’s RealRent is powered by a diverse set of rent inputs and supply and demand indicators, with insights by zip code, for more actionable analysis at the micro-market level. RealRent’s forecasts leverage machine learning models to adapt to shifting conditions and continuously improve, for a truly predictive look at opportunities. 

“The Markerr vision is to bring a data-driven, quantitative approach to processes that are largely ad-hoc and anecdotal, and Markerr RealRent is a huge step in moving the industry forward,” said Brian Lichtenberger, CEO and Founder of Markerr. “Many firms are experts in certain areas or property types, but are at a disadvantage when trying to expand into new markets or compete against larger, more sophisticated players. RealRent allows investors, owners and operators to scale their intuition and refine their hypotheses with more reliable, accurate insights, so they can remain competitive, work faster, and ultimately produce better returns.” 

RealRent tracks multifamily and single family properties, and is available via a bulk feed, reports, and Markerr’s Location Insights dashboard.

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