The Impact of Speedy Technology Implementation

by Brandon Tobman

In an ever-evolving industry, technology has seemed to be a saving grace that alleviates a multitude of the pain points operators, onsite teams and renters face on a daily basis. From smart home technology to automation and AI chatbots, technology is the foundation for all of those amazing advancements. However, not all tech solutions are created equal.

Tech solutions meant to ease the day-to-day operations of a community and enhance the resident experience need to not only be effective and easy to use, but they should also be implemented in a speedy fashion and seamlessly integrated. Just ask any operator of an apartment community – the time that it takes to onboard new technologies is just as critical as the new tools they are implementing.

Of course operators want to bring on technologies that will work well and offer the most benefits to onsite teams and residents alike, but they are also placing more emphasis on how long it will take for the tech to actually be rolled out and function. After all, what good is technology if it takes months, or even years in some cases, to get up and running? 

There is nothing more frustrating than finding the solution that seemingly has all of the components necessary to optimize operations only to find that the implementation process is tedious and lengthy. Although a tech solution may have the answers that an operator is looking for, prolonged implementation can be a tremendous barrier in the decision-making process when choosing a new product. If the stress and unknowns outweigh the potential benefits of the technology being implemented, most operators will pass on it because not only do they want to obtain the best products available, they want to know they will see a clear return on their investment.

Operational efficiency and resident satisfaction are of the utmost importance, but increasing profits is equally as important. When it comes down to it, efficiency and a high-caliber resident experience are propelled by technology in today’s digitally-focused world, and both directly impact revenue. One of the keys to expediting better experiences and more revenue is speedy technology implementation.

The ability to deploy a product or service in a matter of hours or within a week is one of the biggest selling points for any solution. Operators want to see an immediate return on their investment, but that isn’t always the case if an implementation lasts months or years. If an implementation is speedy and seamless, operators can continue enhancing experiences for residents, creating efficiencies for onsite teams and building their asset value. 

Technology solutions require multiple facets to be successful – it must be effective, simple to implement and the company must supply stellar customer service from end-to-end. When all three of these components can be checked off, operators gain more confidence in the product itself and feel confident in their new investment. 

Seamless, quick implementations lead to a greater ROI and immediately benefits operators, residents and onsite teams. Expeditiously implementing the products and solutions that truly make the multifamily world spin a bit more smoothly are the key to maximizing each and every benefit they bring to the table. 

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