Former GoPro Marketing Executive Paul Crandell Joins Xeal

by Darcey Leach

Xeal, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging technology, today announced Paul Crandell as its first Chief Marketing Officer. Crandell will spearhead Xeal’s branding and marketing initiatives, further establishing Xeal as the most reliable EV charging solution for commercial and multifamily real estate.

“GoPro’s phenomenal success was born out of passion, great technology and an unrivaled team. GoPro introduced a paradigm shift from camera limitations to a new way to capture life experiences,” Crandell said. “Xeal’s doing the same, only with a shift from central network limitations to a new way to stay connected with its self-reliant protocol that maintains all of the smart functions, while eliminating IT dependency, network downtime, and external constraints to ensure 100% reliability. Xeal’s protocol brings the cloud back to earth to accelerate the future of sustainable, smart cities.”

Bringing 25 years of marketing leadership experience to Xeal, along with his role in helping GoPro’s IPO, Crandell’s mission is to help scale Xeal into a household name, keeping brand consistency and function as a storyteller, sharing Xeal’s innovation in EV charging, accelerating acceptance and promoting mass scale EV adoption.

“Paul’s work at GoPro changed the way people think about camera products, and evolved our perception of how things are done into how things could be done. Similarly, Xeal’s self-reliant protocol is reshaping connected EV charging infrastructure with a new status quo for reliability,” said Zander Isaacson, CEO of Xeal. “Paul has an uncanny ability to see what is possible. That vision combined with his adventurous spirit to try the unknown will be an invaluable contribution to our team and in propelling Xeal and the broader EV industry forward.”

Xeal’s EV charging network relies on its self-reliant communication protocol which eliminates the need for an active connection to an external cloud server, while maintaining smart functions such as access control, metered payments, diagnostics, data reporting, and more. This breakthrough technology simplifies connected EV charging infrastructure while ensuring 100% reliability for drivers, and eliminating the need for any IT infrastructure or upgrades in the future, reducing capex and maximizing ROI for multifamily owners/operators.

Stefanie LaHart also joins the team as marketing director. LaHart has more than 15 years of marketing expertise, most recently at Envoy, an EV carshare company that was recently acquired by Blink Charging. Her knowledge across electric vehicles and the multifamily industry will serve to further educate owners and operators.

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