Get Covered Adds More Than 500,000 Units Year-to-Date

by Morgan Dzak

Get Covered, a leading insurance technology provider for multifamily operators, managers, residents and distribution partners, today announced it has added more than 500,000 apartment units year-to-date to its all-in-one activation and certificate of insurance (COI) tracking platform.

Get Covered, founded in 2018, has become a premier insurance technology provider for the multifamily industry helping the multifamily real estate sector by simplifying buying, selling and tracking insurance. Now operating in 48 states, Get Covered serves more than 2,500 apartment communities and is enrolling more than 200,000 policies.

Continuing its strategic growth, Get Covered is set to close on another round of funding this year and significantly expand through new partnerships with property managers in addition to other proptech rollouts in the next year.

“Insurance is one of the oldest industries in the world and we are extremely proud of how rapidly we’ve scaled and disrupted the industry to modernize it,” said Brandon Tobman, CEO of Get Covered. “We’re eager to continue expanding our insurance technology to help apartment operators and renters alleviate the pain points associated with insurance tracking and purchasing. Our goal is to simplify resident insurance, mitigate risk and provide ancillary benefits through COI tracking and policy administration.”

Working with insurance carriers, agencies, apartment owner/operators, renters and proptech companies, Get Covered ensures that residents are covered with the community’s minimum required policy and tracks insurance policies throughout the lease term. Get Covered embeds insurance tracking within owner/operators’ existing processes so renters can seamlessly purchase customized insurance policies from A rated carriers. On the backend, owner/operators are equipped with a policy admin portal for COI verification, tracking, billing and policy administration.

“Insurance tracking has certainly been a long-time pain point in multifamily and Get Covered has not only alleviated it, but also solved the compliance challenges faced by the industry,” said Zev Nagel, chief administrative officer at Decron Properties. “Get Covered has the right technologies and procedures in place and its embedded insurance, COI tracking and policy administration really makes it easier for us to improve compliance and meet the requirements.” 

GetCovered’s API fully integrates with a wide range of property management software, including Yardi Voyager, Onesite and Entrata. Providing a quick and seamless integration, Get Covered creates insurance efficiencies for both owner/operators and renters and helps apartment communities meet compliance requirements. 

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