How to Promote Responsible Pet Ownership at Apartment Communities

by John Bradford

Simply allowing pets at your community is a solid start to attracting today’s renters. Reducing or eliminating breed and weight restrictions is even better. But as part of an effort to increase pet-friendliness at apartment communities, operators must address another key facet—promoting responsible pet ownership. 

Excessive barking, lawns strewn with pet waste, and an overabundant pet population aren’t good for anyone—pet owners, non-pet owners, visitors, and property teams included—but all these issues can surface as the result of welcoming pets in a haphazard fashion. 

While bolstering pet-friendliness is a noble pursuit, properties must strike the balance of doing so in a way that creates a welcoming, safe, and comfortable atmosphere for everyone. Here are a few concepts operators can employ to make it happen.

Read John Bradford’s article in the Multifamily Executive.

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