Industry Trends Report | Week of August 7


Redefining the Automation Experience

by Lucas Haldeman

Artificial intelligence has further complicated the definition and understanding of automation, but the opportunities for multifamily are undeniable. Automation in the industry is designed to simplify things for onsite teams, fill operational gaps and push property performance. However, a clearly defined role in multifamily remains elusive.

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A Journey Through Apartmentalize

by Michael Miller

While making connections is important, education is the main focus at the National Apartment Association’s Apartmentalize, and the 12,323 attendees this year were immersed in discussions covering artificial intelligence, employee and resident satisfaction, maintenance and much more.

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How Senior Housing is Rising Above the Fray

by Russell Phillips

Post-COVID-19, the fundamentals of senior housing are still improving, but the real estate class is facing many of the same hurdles as other multifamily housing. Financing availability, interest rates, inflation and rising expenses are all challenges that the sector is facing.

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Dirty Jobs: Training the Next Generation of Maintenance Techs

by Doug Pike

The challenges in hiring and retention in multifamily are more prevalent when it comes to maintenance techs, the backbone of any community. Owners and operators are nabbing skilled workers and keeping them through a variety of training avenues, as well as apprenticeships, outreach programs and outside-of-the-box strategies. 

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Leveraging Social Media to Attract Top Talent

by Lauren Niziol

When looking for their next gig, many job seekers are turning to social media to gain a better understanding of companies, searching primarily for a positive company culture that will contribute to their quality of life and determining whether the duties match the job description.

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MHN Poll Results: Top Uses of AI in Multifamily

by Gabriel Frank

Nearly 40% of the multifamily industry has yet to venture into incorporating artificial intelligence into its operations. According to the latest poll from Multi-Housing News, companies are primarily using AI for marketing and outreach with only a handful applying it to other areas of their business.

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The Coasts Are the Multifamily Industry’s Newest Golden Child

by Olivia Lueckmeyer

Coastal regions replaced the Sun Belt as the favorite place of multifamily developers, buoyed by tech companies requiring employees to return to the office and supply inflation in the Belt region. Several publicly traded companies reported their strongest performance in the second quarter was on both the East and West coasts.

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Multifamily Insurance Rates Jump as High as 28%

by Erik Sherman

Along with increasing property taxes and operating expenses, multifamily is taking a hit on insurance. The nationwide average increase was 13.6% across the top 50 metro areas. Some cities are seeing increases of up to 28% and insurance companies are refusing policies in higher-risk states.

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Overcoming Today’s Economic Obstacles in Multifamily

by John Carlson

Economic changes across the U.S. have made it necessary for developers, owners and operators to understand how to work through long-term cycles. Building strong relationships, adapting to trends and using data-driven strategies are the keys to overcoming obstacles.

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