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Apartment Communities Aim to Increase Pet Friendliness

by Paul Willis

Pet shelters emptied quickly during the pandemic. It was one of the few heartwarming aspects of 2020.

Many of those new-homed pets, naturally, landed in the apartment world. According to the Multifamily Pet Policies and Amenities Survey recently released by PetScreening and J Turner Research, 26% of pet-owning respondents indicated they acquired their pet during the pandemic. The rate climbs to 39% when narrowing down to student-only respondents.

The survey, which included the feedback of more than 22,000 apartment residents, also revealed that 19% of respondents that currently do not own pets indicated that they intend to acquire one within the next year. That suggests the rise in pet adoption won’t level off any time soon.

To read the entire article, click the link to the Multifamily Executive website.

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