Industry Trends Report | Week of August 21


What ‘Pet-Inclusivity’ Really Means (and Why It Matters)

by J Retinger

Being a pet-inclusive property can offer a sizable boost to retention. Properties that welcome pets have their residents stay an average of 21% longer, according to a report by Michelson Found Animals and the Human Animal Bond Research Institute. However, many communities that label themselves as pet-inclusive are missing the mark. It’s important to know what inclusiveness means and what it encompasses.

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Three Ways To Optimize Your Waste Program

by Andrew Ruhland

The increase in remote work coupled with the increase in online shopping are pushing owner/operators to rethink their waste management practices. While it’s great to reduce waste and increase recycling, communities need to consider the impact these changes have on revenue.

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The Importance of Location in Apartment Branding

By Stacey Feeney

When deciding how to brand your community, it’s equally important to consider what’s outside the property as much as what’s inside. The vibe of the surrounding neighborhood, as well as the culture, attractions and history, will all play a vital role in your prospects’ leasing decisions.

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How AI Fits Into Property Management’s Future

by Jeffrey Steele

From screening and operations to communication, artificial intelligence is poised to bring efficiency to the mundane tasks that onsite teams deal with daily, freeing them to focus on community building. In addition, AI can also be utilized to handle property management tasks, centralization efforts and even evictions.

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Florida Neighborhood an Urban Tech Model for Developers

by Holly Dutton

The Water Street Tampa project in Tampa Bay is developing into a model for urban tech, becoming the world’s first neighborhood to receive the WiredScore’s SmartScore Neighborhood Pre-Certification, as well as other certifications for the areas in tech connectivity and wellness.

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3 Parking Problems Facing Property Owners

by Aly J. Yale

While it might seem like one of the easiest amenities to provide for residents, parking is a challenge for many multifamily communities. The bulk of the problem, particularly in ultra-urban areas, is too many cars vying for too few spaces. Technology can help alleviate some of the issues.

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A Painful Evaluation of the Current State of CRE

by Joseph J. Ori

Since March 2022, commercial real estate has endured 11 interest rate hikes, which in turn created an increase in cap rates. This one-two punch has pushed the value of CRE down by about 25%. This threatens to double the current default rate to 4%. However, with a distress level of 2%, much of the industry will weather the months ahead in fairly good shape.

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Fall’s Multifamily Compliance Checklist

by Amy Lloyd

Much of the nation is roasting under long stretches of record heat, but it’s time for maintenance teams to shift to their fall to-do list and ready their properties for cooler conditions. Winterizing the property, as well as inspecting HVAC units, are just two of the important items teams will need to address.

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Residents to Get a Break From Rising U.S. Rents

by Liz Lucking

The surge in multifamily construction and increasing vacancy rates could relax the pace of rent increases in some areas, according to a report by In the 50 largest metro areas, the median asking rent increased by only $15 to $1,759 in June and is down $18 from a year ago.

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