Industry Trends Report | Week of October 24


Synergies at All Levels Delivers Innovation, Service and Impact

The time when technology only addressed a single onsite issue has come to a close as owner/operators turn their attention to tech solutions that serve as a primary function and integrate with complementary proptech. This approach provides opportunities for innovation as employees across the spectrum have access to information on processes and solutions, allowing for the discovery of new uses that may have previously been overlooked.

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How to Winterize Your Rental Property

With freezing temperatures making their first appearance in many regions, it’s time to address all the things that need to be done to winterize rental properties properly. Besides addressing sprinkler blowouts and insulating spigots and water supply pipes, this is also a time to tackle areas that can reduce energy efficiency. This includes caulking windows and making sure your roof is in top condition.

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Smart Sustainability: Navigating the Path to Business Resilience

Finding the right sustainable solution and applying it portfolio-wide is the avenue to maximizing return on investment. This issue has become increasingly critical as a growing number of states commit to building energy standards. In addition, more investment dollars are going to ESG projects, making it important that the message for greener building is understood at all levels of an organization.

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Multifamily Fundamentals Are Still Fairly Strong, Panelists Say

While the possibility of a recession looms — or has already begun — the fundamentals of multifamily remain strong, according to a panel at the GlobeSt. Multifamily conference. But, they added, the industry will face some headwinds. Owner/operator will need to evaluate their strategy and find ways to manage risk in an uncertain environment when managing their portfolio.

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Emotional Support Animals and Renters — Are Your Pet Policies Actually Contributing to Fraudulent Requests?

Fair housing regulations require multifamily communities to allow emotional support animals regardless of their established pet policies and to waive all pet fees. Unfortunately, a lack of standards with ESAs has provided loopholes in the system and birthed an industry where individuals can get the required paperwork with very little verification of actual need. While many ESA requests are legitimate, restrictive pet policies at communities may be contributing to fraudulent requests.

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Faster, More Powerful EV Charging Means Nothing Without Reliability

EV charging stations are a growing necessity, but offering residents faster and more powerful charging becomes meaningless if there’s a lack of connectivity and reliability that renders the stations useless. Multifamily is more vulnerable to charging issues since problems can affect a community’s reputation and retention. With requirements for 97% uptime on the horizon, multifamily requires a solution that circumvents the challenges presented by the use of WiFi and cellular connectivity.

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