Apartment Leasing

Raising the Bar on the Apartment Search Experience

by Morgan Dzak

Modern consumers have a need for speed. Think Amazon: Customers shopping online can research, review, evaluate and make purchases within a matter of minutes.

The online shopping experience has set a new standard of customer expectation; shopping must be intuitive, efficient and personalized. With more renters searching online for their next apartment homes, that expectation remains the same for multifamily. Apartment operators are trying to catch up with warp-speed consumer needs by optimizing the apartment search and expediting the buying process.

Renters crave personalized content, flexibility with touring, consistent communication and transparency in the apartment search, which typically happens across multiple platforms. More and more operators have started offering self-service options while centralizing leasing to create a more streamlined approach to renting apartments. But there are still some pieces missing from the apartment search journey in order to meet modern consumers where they’re at.

Read Morgan Dzak’s article in the Rental Housing Journal.

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