Industry Trends Report | Week of September 18


End Parking Nightmares: Tame the Troublemakers With Data

by Todd Katler

Challenges in community parking generate frustration, complaints and friction between residents. Surprisingly, most parking problems are caused by a handful of residents in each community and this can be rectified with data-driven decisions. Automated parking solutions help identify habitual offenders and assist with implementing disciplinary actions.

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Now Is the Time to Promote Mental Health in Multifamily

by Stephanie Anderson

Multifamily experienced an improvement in mental health last year, but the number of people who reported less stress in 2023 is akin to the numbers reported during the pandemic. The multifamily industry can show support by providing reliable mental health services to associates.

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MHN Executive Council: The Amenities You Need Now

by Jessica Fiur

Amenities are a crucial part of attracting and retaining residents, but owners and operators need to ensure that they’re selecting amenities that are useful and based on the unique characteristics of their residents, as well as the neighborhoods surrounding their communities. 

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The TikTok Effect: Short-Form Video Turns Prospects Into Residents

by Kathy Neumann

Younger generations aren’t just using Google to search for their next apartment. TikTok and short-form videos are developing into critical marketing tools for attracting prospects. Effective positioning of content requires knowledge of your target audience and current trends on the various platforms.

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Application Documents: Don’t Trust, Verify

by Paul Willis

Fraud is growing more sophisticated with the evolution of technology and the proliferation of bad actors ready to help cheat. As rents increase, desperate people are taking desperate measures to secure a lease. Multifamily has tools to fight fake paystubs and altered documents in applications.

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Multifamily Women Summit and the AI Brainchild

by Whitney Fraser

Artificial intelligence is poised to play an essential role in multifamily property management and the resident experience. Multifamily leaders are prepared to embrace AI but still have concerns about smooth implementation without disruptions, the complexities of the technology and the ROI.

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Multifamily Loans Loom Large in Regional Bank Risk

by Jack Rogers

While office buildings are the biggest issue for regional bank stability, multifamily is running a close second in this growing threat. A significant amount of multifamily purchases were made with low cap rates and the belief that rent growth would continue. Instead, rent growth is lethargic and interest rates have increased, which could produce a flurry of refinancing. The one million units about to hit the market aren’t helping either.

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Federal Reserve Holds the Line on Interest Rates

by Dees Stribling

The Federal Reserve decided to leave interest rates where they stand but also hinted that increases are likely in the future. The progress on slowing inflation hasn’t been enough to convince The Fed that more hikes are unnecessary. Inflation would need to drop to 2% to satisfy officials.

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NMHC Announces ‘Foundations for Rental Housing’ Initiative

by Leah Draffen

The National Multifamily Housing Council announced the introduction of Foundations for Rental Housing, a program created to provide support to renters. It has six core concepts designed to help multifamily owners, operators and developers build positive relationships with renters.

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