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Rent. Announces Rent. Lease360° Lease-Up Marketing Solution

by Darcy Leach

Rent., a leading provider of integrated marketing solutions to the multi-and single-family rentals industry, today announced the launch of Rent. Lease360°, a 360-degree, turn-key offering designed specifically for low occupancy and new lease-up situations. Rent.’s newest solution is a comprehensive yet flexible way for modern multifamily marketers to build integrated, omnichannel marketing for properties during pre-lease, rebrand and renovation life cycles and debuts at the Apartment Innovation and Marketing Conference (AIM) in Huntington Beach, Calif., May 7-10, 2023.

“As multifamily development increases across the nation, it’s critical for new communities to establish themselves within a competitive market,” explained Jon Ziglar, CEO of Rent. “Property management companies and owners must effectively market their new properties to deliver a successful lease-up period from pre-construction to stabilization. With Lease360°, they can now bridge this critical phase with one partner, not five or six, increasing the impact of every marketing dollar spent and reducing administrative costs and hassle.”

Anchored by RentMarketplace.’s massive consumer reach, Rent. Lease360° is powered by first-party data, supported by a dedicated marketing strategist and represents a flexible yet comprehensive solution. This is the product of extensive research on the unique needs of multifamily properties that are in lease-up mode from pre-lease to stabilization.

As part of Rent.’s extensive network, which includes Redfin.com, Realtor.com, Rent.com, ApartmentGuide.com and Rentals.com, Rent. Lease360° allows clients to flex their marketing efforts across various channels to best match the current needs of the property — all within a single solution.

“Rent. is uniquely positioned to address the challenges of new multifamily construction, as well as any rebrand or renovation, by creating a 360-degree lease-up program leveraging our omnichannel marketing platform and utilizing first-party data to deliver the right people to their property on time,” Ziglar added.

According to Kathy Neumann, CMO of Rent., Rent. Lease360° provides a customized and integrated marketing approach that optimizes investments across all major channels, including customized ILS, search, social, e-mail, geofencing and more, to attract potential renters to your property.

“We are proud to bring this unmatched solution to market at a crucial moment for the industry,” Neumann said. “We know developers are in great need of a turnkey solution to actively market and manage their communities. A website and ILS listing simply won’t cut it in 2023 as the new generation of renters are seeking information across an increasingly fragmented marketing landscape.”

This latest innovation represents another first for Rent., which recently launched the multifamily industry’s only automated solution for TikTok advertising and is the first and only rental marketplace network to provide access to two of the country’s largest real estate sites, Redfin.com and Realtor.com.

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