Western Wealth Communities Implements Nurture Boss Portfolio-Wide

by Morgan Dzak

Nurture Boss, a premier lease conversion automation tool that provides marketing solutions for the multifamily industry, today announced it has rolled out its Lease and Renewal Conversion Automation across Western Wealth Communities’ entire portfolio. 

Western Wealth Communities, headquartered in Phoenix, is an apartment management company with 52 apartment communities under management. After piloting Nurture Boss’ Lease Conversion Automation platform at three of its communities and experiencing tremendous results, Western Wealth has expanded the use of Nurture Boss’ Lease and Renewal Conversion Automation across its entire portfolio. 

“Most renters are searching for their next apartment home online and expect a customer journey that caters to them on a personal level and engages with them right off the bat,” said Jacob Carter, CEO of Nurture Boss. “In conjunction with a CRM, Nurture Boss’ Lease Conversion Automation provides a seamless method of gathering necessary information to reach customers with hyper-personalized messaging at all of the right times throughout their journey to increase the likelihood of them signing a lease.” 

Through Nurture Boss’ Lease Conversion Automation, prospective residents are contacted during the early stages of the leasing process with hyper-personalized information pertaining to their individual needs. Lease Conversion Automation nurtures every lead by automating timely, consistent and personalized follow-up messaging via the customers’ preferred method of communication and provides an optimal number of touchpoints to make a confident decision. 

“Nurture Boss’ Lease Conversion Automation was something different than we had seen in the marketplace,” said Jennifer Staciokas, executive managing director of property management at Western Wealth Communities. “We were looking for automation that could provide more value not only to our customers, but also to our onsite teams. The personalized and consistent communication Nurture Boss provides not only keeps customers engaged throughout their apartment search with the essential information they need, but it also helps keep our onsite teams focused on the high-level actions they need to close leases at a higher rate.”

In addition to utilizing Lease Conversion Automation, Western Wealth also integrated Nurture Boss’ Renewal Conversion Automation to continue enhancing the resident experience while decreasing delinquencies and increasing renewals.

“We are thrilled that our automation tools add such value to Western Wealth’s leasing strategies,” Carter said. “Enhancing the customer experience begins the moment a prospective resident inquires about a community, but it doesn’t end there. Better lead nurturing truly enhances the overall customer experience and increases resident satisfaction. That customer experience is a pivotal deciding factor for many modern renters.”

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