GiGstreem Announces Entry Into Seattle Market

by Morgan Dzak

GiGstreem, a leading provider of high quality residential and commercial broadband networks nationwide, today announced an expansion of their networks to the Pacific Northwest. This expansion will bring broadband services to over 20 multi-tenant buildings in the greater Seattle area by the end of the year. 

“This market expansion is a huge milestone for GiGstreem, and we are excited to start delivering seamless WiFi services to residents and businesses in the Seattle area,” said Andrew Kusminsky, CEO of GiGstreem. “Community-wide WiFi is essential in multifamily to drive resident satisfaction and support day-to-day operations, and GiGstreem is proud to partner with Seattle apartment operators to create exceptional living experiences for their tech-savvy residents.”

Community-wide WiFi services provide seamless connectivity across an entire property and improve the living experience. Through GiGstreem, residents have a single login to WiFi that connects them to service whether they’re at home, at the fitness center or anywhere else in the community. The service also boosts mobile reception via WiFi calling and eliminates the “dead zones” frequently found in apartment communities.

The value of Ubiquitous WiFi extends beyond resident satisfaction, as GiGstreem’s seamless integration, implementation and future-proof hardware maximize asset value and NOI. GiGstreem also supports and enhances self-service leasing, smart home technology, mobile maintenance and more for the benefit of apartment operators. 

“We are eager to continue to grow within the multifamily space and create connected apartment communities,” Kusminsky said. “Multifamily technology has advanced rapidly, and we are excited to provide Internet solutions for residents, onsite teams and operators.”

With GiGstreem’s market expansion and local technical resources, and their ability to offer DIRECTV services, the company can offer residential and commercial services to the Seattle business community. Unreliable WiFi connectivity can severely hinder a business, and seamless connectivity has become the foundation for modern businesses. GiGstreem’s reliable end-to-end service provides quick, seamless integration, high-speed ubiquitous WiFi and responsive customer service for businesses.  

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