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Self-Guided Tours Evolving For Single-Family Rentals

by Mickey Cummings

With all the buzz surrounding self-guided tours in the apartment sector since the start of the pandemic, it’s easy to forget that they’ve long been an important part of the professionally managed single-family rental space.

Single-family operators have been leaving keys in drop boxes for residents to independently peruse homes for several years.

The argument can be made that self-guided tours are even more crucial in the single-family space, where professional operators may have hundreds of homes in a single metro area, each of which can be a considerable distance from another. It simply places too big of a burden on leasing associates to crisscross a city all day giving tours of homes, and prospects often don’t have the patience or flexibility to accommodate a leasing agent’s schedule.

Read Mickey Cummings’ article in the Rental Housing Journal.

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