Industry Trends Report |Week of March 6


What Makes a Market a Good One for BTR Communities?

by Scott Herr and Callum Parrott

As economic conditions and affordability continue to put many home seekers out of range to purchase their homes, Build-to-Rent is becoming a more attractive option. BTR communities offer many of the same amenities and services of a multifamily community and meet the needs of those looking for a house. BTR renters are different than multifamily renters, making location and schools a bigger appeal than things like walkability.

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It’s Time to Rethink Breed and Weight Restrictions

by John Bradford

Eliminating breed and weight restrictions on pets gives communities a chance to widen the pool of prospective residents, as well as increase renewals. While the benefits to change are plentiful, a haphazard approach could have the opposite effect.

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Hoarding Disorder: Situations and Solutions for Managers

by James Campbell

Hoarding can introduce numerous risks to multifamily communities, including increased fire risk, biohazardous materials, pest infestations and structural damage. As a condition protected by the Fair Housing Act, it must be approached with caution.

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Curb Appeal Standards Are Changing. Here’s How

by Jordana Rothberg

Nice landscaping and attractive signs are no longer all that’s needed to lease a unit. As technology continues to grow as an important part of multifamily, digital curb appeal has become the most important first impression a community can make. Eye-catching photos of the property, the amenities and the units are the way to make residents turn an interest into a tour. Once that initial impression is set, it’s difficult to turn it around.

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2023 Spring Leasing Preview: What Residents Want

by Michael Miller

Technology is moving beyond virtual tours and chatbots, as residents are looking to have a greater presence in their everyday lives. This includes AI for 24/7 assistance, smart home technology and conveniences that make connectivity and working from home better.

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ChatGPT & Multifamily Marketing: Face Your Fears

by Jessica Fiur

A human presence will always be a requirement for multifamily, but you can unleash the marketing creativity of your onsite teams by handing over some of the mundane tasks to ChatGPT. While a great addition to your workflow, AI still makes its share of mistakes and needs oversight.

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CBRE: Multifamily Oversupply Expected to Be Short-Lived

by MFE Staff

A record 716,000 multifamily units will be delivered over the next two years, creating a brief oversupply in the market. However, this supply will be short-lived, and the nation still faces a housing crisis that requires 2.3 million units over the next decade, according to the latest research by CBRE. The number of units delivered over the next two years will be the highest the industry has seen since the 1980s housing boom.

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The Math Supports Renting a House Over Buying

by Erik Sherman

The case for renting a home over buying one comes down to a simple case of dollars and sense. Even with record rent growth and decreasing home prices, opting for a lease over a mortgage is still the best option for anyone seeking housing, according to an analysis by two Florida universities.

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‘America is Facing a Housing Affordability Crisis’

by Sharon Wilson Geno

Representing both the National Multifamily Housing Council and the National Apartment Association, NMHC President Sharon Wilson Geno appeared before Congress to outline the affordable housing crisis, the state of the rental housing industry and how market constraints are affecting the issue.

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