Industry Trends Report | Week of November 13


Dismantling Asphalt Nation and What It Means for Multifamily

by Todd Katler

The automobile has been a part of the nation’s fabric for nearly a century, and we’ve shaped our country to meet the needs of drivers. As cities grew, a heavy focus was placed on providing adequate parking for everyone. Hundreds of cities and towns are realizing this was a misguided approach and changes are underway to reduce the expansive number of lots that dot the landscape. This includes multifamily communities, and this new direction requires a new approach to parking management.

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Crafting an Effective Pet Policy for Your Apartment Community

by John Bradford

Crafting effective pet policies is key to ensuring success in welcoming more animals into a community. However, it was utilizing standard policies that put multifamily behind the curve to begin with. Customization is the right path to creating guidelines that work best based on a community’s needs and goals.

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Leveraging Tried-and-True Tools to Help Portfolios Thrive

by Kendall Pretzer

Hybrid work remains a significant part of the workplace environment, and its presence has affected the need for commercial space. With the current economic conditions adding to the challenges, CRE owners and operators are shifting focus to tenant satisfaction, amenities and customer service to keep portfolios healthy.

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Prioritize Renewals: Benefit From Resident Retention

by Paul Willis

Prospects want a pleasant leasing experience, and it all begins with first contact, explains Holli Beckman, Chief Marketing Officer for WC Smith. But, it doesn’t stop there. Setting resident retention as a priority can bring extensive benefits to multifamily communities. It’s striking the right balance of human contact and technology that makes your residents want to stay.

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Incorporating Resident Reviews Into Marketing Campaigns

by Patricia Kirk

Online reviews have grown to be a major part of renting an apartment. Prospects even place more value on this input than they do on the opinion of friends and family, making reviews the new “word of mouth.” This isn’t just feedback that property managers need to respond to, it can also be a valuable part of marketing plans.

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Holiday Happenings: Using Social to Celebrate the Season

by Gerry Hunt

A great way to connect with residents during the holidays is by crafting events that will make the season brighter and more enjoyable for them. Besides creating goodwill towards renters, these events are an excellent opportunity to promote your community through photos and videos on social media and online reviews.

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‘A Difficult Road’: Veterans Face Obstacles in Pursuit of CRE Careers

by Dan Rabb and Dees Stribling

Even with extensive education, training and experience, the development and engineering work that veterans perform in the military doesn’t always translate when they enter the civilian workforce. To be successful in their new careers, many veterans are finding they need to adjust to the reduced structure in the business world and make changes to their leadership.

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Build More Housing Near Transit Act Reintroduced

By NAA Staff

U.S. Senators Brian Schatz (D-Hawai‘i) and Mike Braun (R-Ind.) and Representatives Scott Peters (D-Calif.-50) and Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.-5) have reintroduced the Build More Housing Near Transit Act, which incentivizes local governments to increase the housing supply with close access to public transportation.

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Infographic: Why Earth is Setting Weather Records

by Yield Pro

Besides the damage it causes to properties, the weather is also having a hard impact on regular business for the multifamily industry. Several insurance companies are refusing to offer policies to developers in high-risk areas. New data from NASA shows that volcanic eruptions are contributing to our changing climate and weather.

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