Industry Trends Report | Week of October 17


Redefining Efficiency for Maintenance Associates

Multifamily is currently dealing with hiring and retention issues, and finding and keeping maintenance associates is an even greater challenge. Communities often need to function with smaller or consolidated maintenance teams, requiring the implementation of technology to create a higher level of efficiency. The use of mobile phones can provide an additional hour of work time each day that would otherwise be spent going to and from the maintenance office, as well as better communication with residents.

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New Proptech Considerations for Sustainability and Environmental Impact Goals

Renters are starting to prioritize sustainable living when choosing a community to live in, including energy efficiency and building health. As the issue becomes more important to residents, so does the implementation of proptech to meet those demands. Connected appliances and smart fixtures, in conjunction with tech that detects problems, benefits residents and owner/operators.

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Powering Up: Providing Charging Stations for EVs at Your Property

Electric vehicles continue to set record sales and experience increased adoption, heightening the need for EV charging stations in multifamily as a greater percentage of renters become EV owners. The trend is growing primarily in major metropolitan areas but is quickly making its way into smaller markets as EV expands to more models. With sales expected to reach 50% of all new vehicle sales by 2030, owner/operators must increase installations and future-proof communities now.

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Managing, Marketing, Tech: Multifamily’s Top Trends

Interest in short-term leases and furnished apartments is growing among residents, and the future of flexible living is already here. This was one of the subjects discussed in an examination of multifamily trends at the recent​ Apartment Innovation and Marketing Conference’s Vendor Partner Discovery. Other topics discussed included the increased use of proptech for management and data for strategic business decisions, as well as an examination of the vital role SEO plays in lead generation.

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The Perks and Pitfalls of Prepaid Rent

Prepaid rent can be an avenue for renters who may not otherwise qualify for a unit following the required standards set by the community. When offering this option, owner/operators need to understand the pitfalls and legal requirements surrounding the funds from prepaid rent, as well as educate renters on their obligations and rights. Prepaid rent should not be a substitute for a thorough background check and there are limitations to how the money can be used.

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How Multifamily Can Meet the Expectations of Renters by Choice

In this edition of the Concept Community Chat, Jan Gorski, senior vice president and chief experience officer at GID, joins MFE editor Christine Serlin to discuss the importance of understanding renters by choice and creating communities that appeal to the demographic. Gorski also shows how data can influence strategies for meeting resident expectations.

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