Industry Trends Report | Week of September 11


Be Pet Inclusive — But Promote Responsible Pet Ownership

by Mike Shytle

Becoming more pet-inclusive can be great for leasing and retention, but it isn’t without its challenges. Communities can see an increase in pet waste, as well as some residents housing more pets than they originally stated. To maintain harmony in your community, it’s important to accurately track the pets on your property and promote responsible ownership to their owners.

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Why Versatility is Today’s Must-Have Amenity

by Josh Kassing

Empty and unused amenities aren’t going to attract new residents or encourage current ones to renew. Rather than chase the latest fads, multifamily communities should shift their focus to creating versatile spaces and gaining a clear understanding of how and when residents use that space.

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Creative Brand Messaging for Apartment Marketing

by Stacey Feeney

When promoting your community to prospects, the way you sell can make all the difference. Instead of telling your prospects what they’re going to get, tell them how it will make their lives better. “A Kitchen to Make Gordon Ramsay Jealous” works better than “Gourmet Kitchens.”

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What Does Today’s Student Housing Say About Tomorrow’s Renters?

by Paul Willis

If owners and operators want a clear picture of what future renters are seeking, studying the student housing sector can offer valuable insights. Gen Z is the first all-digital generation and what they desire for housing will differ from their predecessors. Attracting these digital natives will require a fresh approach to marketing since they want things to be fast but also authentic.

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Layering Visualization Over Centralized Data

by Morgan Dzak

Data won’t be as effective if it doesn’t offer a clear picture. Leveraging map-based visualizations to offer a view of your floor plans and portfolio can provide insights that spreadsheets can miss. Using visualization with business intelligence can highlight potential revenue opportunities.

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EVs in Natural Disasters: What Multifamily Should Consider

by Erik Sherman

Hurricane season is underway and it’s a good time for multifamily to consider how disasters can affect their EV infrastructure and vehicle owners. Residents need to charge their vehicles before evacuating and the lithium-ion batteries of cars left behind can cause fires in some cases.

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Multifamily Rents Poised for Robust Increases Ahead

by Philippa Maister

The multifamily construction boom and the decreased access to developing capital have slowed rent growth over the past few quarters. However, even the current slate of apartments under construction — about one million units — won’t be enough to meet the nation’s housing deficit. This means rents could start to increase in 2024 followed by robust growth in 2025.

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Bureau of Labor Statistics: Where the Jobs Are Going

by Andrew Stephens

The latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that employment grew by 2.5% year-over-year. New York, Dallas and Houston were the top three cities with the most employment growth. Austin, Orlando and North Port-Sarasota, Florida showed the most relative growth over the last year.

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The Impact of Rising Multifamily Insurance Rates on Rent

by Barbra Murray

A slate of disasters is making it more difficult for commercial properties to obtain affordable insurance, if they can get it at all. Some companies are refusing to insure new developments in California and Florida. The increases haven’t had much of an influence over rents just yet.

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