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What Does Today’s Student Housing Say About Tomorrow’s Renters?

by Paul Willis

While it’s crucial for apartment operators to meet modern-day renters where they are, it’s equally essential to anticipate the ways renter behaviors will morph moving forward. So how can operators gauge what’s next? 

For perhaps the most accurate depiction of what to expect in the coming years, they can examine the student housing sector. These students represent the next wave of conventional renters, after all, so their unique preferences and behaviors should not be overlooked. 

“These are the renters of tomorrow, and analyzing their tendencies is the best form of market research any conventional operator could ask for,” says Virginia Love, industry principal for Entrata. “While they might be similar to their predecessors on the surface, Gen Z renters exhibit an abundance of behavioral nuances previously unseen in the industry. If operators can cater to these distinctive traits, they’ll have a better chance at attracting these renters and providing them with their desired experience.” 

Read Paul Willis’ article in the Multifamily Executive.

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