Apartment Leasing

Is 100% Automated Leasing Even Possible?

by Morgan Dzak

Modern consumers can purchase nearly anything they want online without any human interaction. While it’s become commonplace to buy lower-cost products and services exclusively online, many customers still want to speak with a professional before making larger purchases, like cars and homes. However, a growing number of renters have become more willing to lease an apartment without ever speaking to a leasing associate.

New leasing strategies, content initiatives, and technologies are making renters more comfortable selecting a new apartment without human interaction. Consumers like doing their own research before making a purchase. As more and more apartment communities provide visually rich, contextual, and interactive information online and send timely, hyper-personalized follow-ups to prospects, renters have all the information they need to make a confident decision—without speaking to an expert.

Read Morgan Dzak’s article in Multifamily Executive.

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