Nurture Boss Announces Integration with Knock CRM

By Morgan Dzak

Nurture Boss, a premier lease conversion automation tool that provides marketing solutions for the multifamily industry, today announced it has partnered with Knock® CRM to integrate its automated lead nurturing tracks within Knock’s platform. Nurture Boss’ integration of automated communication within Knock’s platform enables targeted, personalized messaging to both prospects and current residents, while also streamlining the customer journey and increasing conversions.

Through Knock’s CRM and analytics platform, Nurture Boss’ automated communication creates the opportunity for prospects and residents to receive personalized, valuable information at the right time. Modern renters require a more personalized experience and expect to receive information that is relevant to them and their specific needs. 

Nurture Boss’ lease conversion automation tool contacts prospects during the early stages of the leasing process with personalized information pertaining to their individual needs. Each and every lead is nurtured with timely, consistent and personalized follow up messaging via the customer’s preferred method of communication, and provides an adequate number of touch points to make a decision.

The Nurture Boss and Knock CRM integration combines the power of customer data and automated, personalized communication to provide every renter with the experience they expect and allow them to make confident lease and renewal decisions with information that is tailored to them.  

“A CRM is an essential tool for multifamily operations, and when you integrate automated communication within that, you’re not only collecting valuable data, but you’re also using the data to ensure no lead is missed,” said Jacob Carter, CEO of Nurture Boss. “This partnership allows operators to better cater to the modern renter’s needs while bolstering leasing tactics and increasing conversions, whether it’s a new lease or a renewal. Automated, personalized communication engages prospects and residents through ways in which they want to be communicated with, increasing resident satisfaction and retention.”

Leveraging Knock CRM with automated lead nurturing enables communities to further increase lead-to-tour, and tour-to-application conversion rates while saving onsite teams dozens of hours a week. It also delivers a higher caliber experience for modern residents and provides the timely, relevant information that they need to make a confident decision. Consistent communication makes communities stand out from the rest and provides a better overall customer experience, leading to increased occupancy.   

“This partnership elevates the quality of a renter’s experience throughout the leasing process and their tenure as a resident,” said Demetri Themelis, co-founder and CEO of Knock. “Pairing data generated via the automated communications by Nurture Boss with our CRM, we enable our customers to enrich their renter communications with a more personalized approach. Oh, and the outcome for multifamily operators utilizing our two platforms is better business results – it’s a win for everyone.”

In an age when modern customers not only crave, but need personalization in their shopping experiences, harnessing Knock CRM with Nurture Boss’ automated communication raises the bar on the apartment leasing journey. Timely, consistent communication with personalized information not only attracts a larger pool of residents, but it also increases overall satisfaction and leads to long-term retention.

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