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Industry Trends Report | Week of January 9


Supporting Multifamily Associates’ Ongoing Development

Multifamily owner/operators are employing a variety of methods to train and develop their employees in an environment where hiring and retaining top talent is significant to success. However, employee engagement has decreased in the past few years among multiple industries, according to a recent Gallup poll, after more than a decade of growth. Opportunities are still highly desired by associates, and cutting-edge companies are factoring in learning and development into the employee life cycle.

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The Great Multifamily Breakup

Multifamily Matters speaks with industry veteran, nationally sought-after educator and speaker Stephanie Anderson, senior director of communication and social media at Grace Hill. Host Paul Marks and Anderson discuss “The Great Break Up” and women in the multifamily industry, as well as possible solutions.

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Settlements, Waivers and Releases: Make Your Money Work

Disputes between residents and owner/operators are inevitable, but throwing money at the problem may cause issues further down the road. Owners writing checks with the belief that all the problems will go away can cause shock when a suit is filed later on and it’s revealed that the initial payment may have been pointless. It’s only through settlements and other legal documents that operators can make sure their money is working for them.

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The Impact of Employment Data on CRE, Construction and Multifamily

Last year wasn’t as bright as multifamily had hoped. Only 100,000 new units were delivered in 2022, stymied by a combination of labor and supply shortages along with financing issues. This year looks to be much brighter in the long term with almost double the units expected to be delivered by the end of 2023. The latest labor figures show the market has cooled, according to analysis by Moody’s, but still remains very robust.

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10 Things Multifamily Executives Foresee in 2023

Executives in multifamily reflect on what they saw in 2022 and what they expect for the coming year, including the economy, rent growth, construction and more. Growth will continue to slow and vacant units are expected to sit empty a bit longer. The probability of a recession is also increasing risk for developers.

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Property Managers & Marketers: Here Are 12 Things We’re Going to Stop Doing in 2023

There are things that property managers and marketers should not be doing for residents and themselves as we move further into the new year. On the community side, old tech and outdated websites need to fall by the wayside, letting more advanced tech take its place. Marketing cliches, such as secret sauce and new normal have also worn out their welcome. On the professional side, self-care is more important than ever, Time to take those lunch breaks and use that PTO.

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