Industry Trends Report | Week of July 10


Improving the Prospect Journey in the Years Ahead

by Melanie Stiles

Prospects are seeking convenience, flexibility and efficiency in their search for a new apartment. As this demand increases, owner/operators must be prepared to meet it. Artificial intelligence can help achieve the personalization and communication modern renters prefer, while transparency and a complete online leasing process can help bring them home (to your property).

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Attracting Residents With Incentive Optimization

by Andrew Ruhland

Concessions have long functioned as a means for multifamily to attract new residents and maintain healthy retention. A re-examination of these strategies is emerging as owner/operators discover that cash-back rewards hold more appeal to residents and prospects.

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Debunking the Myth of Dangerous Dog Breeds

by John Bradford

Misinformation has a staggeringly long shelf life, and the myths surrounding dog breeds are exceptionally persistent. Updated, more reliable research shows breed is a minor factor in canine temperament, and communities should consider this when crafting pet policies.

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Hi, My Name Is: People Still Want a Personal Connection

by Lucas Haldeman

The rise of proptech in multifamily created a correlating increase in concern that the advancements would upend the personal connection communities relied on to attract prospects. Those fears have proven to be unfounded as onsite teams discover that technology doesn’t mean the absence of a personalized experience and the resulting time savings make it possible to nurture valuable connections in other ways.

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Getting the Most Out of Rental Property Tours

by Kevin Juhasz

Nearly 90% of prospects prefer an in-person tour before signing a lease and 31% want access to virtual tours before they’ll even contact a property. Of the numerous things communities must do to attract new renters, the property tour and related tech rank as the most important.

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Proptech Helps Renters’ Furry Friends Feel Right at Home

by Dennis Harrington

Pet-friendly communities typically fill their vacancies faster and possess better retention rates. The business boost is more likely to stick, however, when proptech is instituted to help manage waste, as well as ensure pet owners remain compliant with community policies.

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Hurricane Tips From My Actual Onsite Experience

by Donje Putnam

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association is predicting that the 2023 hurricane season could see 12-17 named storms in the U.S. and up to one-third of those may reach Category 4 or 5. If your multifamily community is in the path of a hurricane, preparation is key to reducing problems during and after the storm, as well as aiding in recovery efforts.

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NAA Releases Annual Mental Health Survey Results

by James Campbell

The mental health crisis is getting worse in multifamily, according to the latest survey results from the National Apartment Association. Mental health scores decreased from 2022 figures and more employees are taking more time off in an effort to cope with the growing stress.

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The Impact of Student Debt on Qualifying Tenants

by David Pickron

The recent debt ceiling deal between the Biden administration and Congress means that pauses on student loan payments will come to a hard stop in the fall. Owner/operators will need to decide how prominently student debt and delinquencies will factor into their leasing decisions.

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