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Industry Trends Report |Week of March 20


The Ongoing Strength of the Metro Atlanta Apartment Market

by Scott Lebenhart

A low cost of living, abundant job opportunities and temperate weather have made Atlanta one of the top destinations for people seeking a new place to live. The region also boasts a business-friendly environment and a highly educated workforce. Atlanta expects more than 23,000 multifamily units by the end of the year, and the city’s attributes make it an excellent choice for investment and development.

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The Perils of “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It”

by Kendall Pretzer

When things are going well, the common belief is to just let it be. But what if those “unbroken” solutions are hiding problems that are creating inefficiencies? Continuous auditing is the only sure way to make sure all processes are reducing risk and producing optimal results.

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What is the Millennial Mindset on Owning vs. Renting?

by Ali Wolf

About 98% of the nation’s largest living generation hopes to someday own a home, seeking to build equity and greater stability. Affordability continues to be an issue with 53% of millennials waiting for housing prices to decrease. In more than 95% of U.S. counties, it’s still cheaper to rent than own.

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The Advantages of Being Hardware Agnostic

by Lucas Haldeman

Multifamily owner/operators are seeking technology solutions that offer convenience, reduce redundancies and establish single-source hubs to streamline operations. Multiple system logins have proven inefficient and sometimes problematic, turning property managers toward software capable of pairing with multiple hardware lines.

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Once a Lead, Always a Lead: How Renewals Maximize NOI

by Andrew Ruhland

Multifamily communities can lose residents as fast as they secure them without the proper nurturing of leads beyond move-in. Excellent communication is an expectation of residents, and automation and personalization are required to keep residents interested.

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Website Accessibility — A Fair Housing Requirement

by Kathi Williams

Accessibility goes beyond making sure a property is in full compliance. While an accessible website is not yet a legal requirement, a lack of one could be costing a community potential business, and there’s no stopping a claim of discrimination under fair housing regulations.

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Apartments Facing Five Headwinds, Benefitting From Three Tailwinds

by Bob Pinnegar

The year is starting off with an amount of uncertainty for the multifamily industry, including labor market challenges, government scrutiny, supply challenges and increased regulation. On the flip side, the industry will benefit in 2023 from steady demand for apartments, as well as a helpful stream of technology and innovation.

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Blaming Software for Rising Rents Ignores Larger Problems

by Travis Barrington

Two groups are filing lawsuits, claiming they overpaid thousands in rent based on the algorithm used by RealPage’s YieldStar revenue management software. Several federal officials are also calling for an investigation. All of this finger-pointing is overlooking the real problems.

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Multifamily Construction Activity Surges in February

by Michael Rudy

Multifamily permits, starts and completions all saw significant increases in February, according to the Census Bureau. The number of permits for five or more units jumped by 37% and the number of construction starts increased by 24% compared to January.

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