Industry Trends Report | Week of November 14


Monetizing the New Tech Reality, Even If It Wasn’t By Choice

Multifamily’s steep increase in tech adoption was born more out of an immediate need rather than a desire to modernize. The rush to prepare for the pandemic offered little time for owner/operators to reflect on the benefits and analyze the ROI of these sudden advancements. Now that COVID’s impact on the industry has lessened, many are examining their tech stacks and finding ways to monetize them.

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Hyper-Personalization Within the Leasing Journey

When prospective residents ask questions about a community, that knowledge presents the leasing team with an opportunity to build a roadmap that will take visitors from prospect to resident. Nurture Boss Founder and CEO Jacob Carter joins Apartment on the Go to discuss the importance of hyper-personalization in marketing and the increased success that results.

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The Future is Electric

Annual sales of new electric vehicles (EV) have more than quadrupled since 2017, putting them on pace to surpass the 900,000 mark in 2022. The increased demand has created a corresponding need for more EV charging stations in multifamily, with demand steadily spreading to more areas across the country. Several owner/operators are installing chargers to meet current demand, as well as future-proof their portfolio, as the United States hits the EV tipping point.

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Thriving Market: Is Charlotte the New Gem of Multifamily?

The Queen City is ready to assume the throne as the next go-to for multifamily. Charlotte, N.C., boasts a population greater than Denver, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., as well as robust employment and income growth. The city is known for its distinctive-yet-charming neighborhoods, subtropical climate and abundant career opportunities in the financial sector. Charlotte also supports a thriving apartment market that’s experiencing increased demand, accelerated rent growth and low vacancy rates.

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Red and Blue States Voted Yes to Affordable Housing Measures

Affordable housing measures saw greater support in the 2022 midterm elections from across the political spectrum. Not every measure met with success, but the ones that passed frequently were approved by close to 70% of voters. Nearly all of the measures were for metropolitan areas with Colorado standing alone as the place that passed a statewide measure. The Centennial State will dedicate 0.1% of all state tax revenue to support increased affordable housing. Many of the measures are designed to incentivize the development of more affordable housing, including new projects, renovations and acquisitions.

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15 Unforgettable Holiday Resident Event Ideas

Whether or not the weather outside is frightful, your multifamily properties can be delightful by holding some wonderful and innovative holiday events that celebrate the season and build community spirit. From the traditional “Photos with Santa” to holiday cooking classes and creative s’mores parties, here are 15 holiday party and event ideas that will warm the hearts of even the Scrooge-iest residents.

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