Industry Trends Report | Week of October 23


Need for Speed: The Impact of Faster Renewal Decisions

by Kevin Murphy

An optimized approach to retention that utilizes technology creates a better experience for residents and onsite teams and it produces faster renewal decisions, providing financial benefits for owners and operators. When residents choose to stay, companies reap savings in turnover costs and marketing — and the sooner that decision happens, the better.

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Keeping Cockroaches From Becoming Your Next Residents

by Leah Draffen

With a worldwide population of over 10 quintillion (one with 19 zeros), insects are unavoidable. Cockroaches are particularly awful given the range of health hazards they present. Communities must take immediate steps the moment they are spotted before an infestation takes over the property.

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George Carlin on Empathy-Driven Multifamily Design

by Vicki Johnston

People are pretty particular about their stuff, George Carlin once said, and this nugget is an important lesson for multifamily. Companies aren’t just putting up buildings, they’re creating spaces that millions of people will call home. Good design makes sure to take residents’ stuff into account.

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The Social Media Metrics That Matter

by Corina Stef

Social media is a critical component of multifamily marketing and its importance is growing. The approach marketing teams take toward the data goes beyond just follows and likes. Those figures are still important, but they don’t tell the whole story of your social media campaigns’ effectiveness. A deeper dive into the numbers unveils a treasure trove of valuable insights.

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Solution Scalability is Essential for Package Managment

by Amber Hammond

The pandemic pushed deliveries to new heights and there’s little sign of slowing. Amazon is on track to deliver four times as many packages this year as it did in 2019. With the holidays approaching, multifamily communities can avoid an avalanche of boxes by implementing scalable solutions.

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A Tech Boom is Reshaping Kansas City Real Estate

by Barbra Murray

In 2012, Google Fiber Internet was introduced to Kansas City, and the results still resonate. It became a tech magnet to the metropolitan area and local officials capitalized on the transformation. Multifamily faced a 9% vacancy rate in 2009 — it’s remained below 5.5% for the last decade.

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See Which Cities Are Building the Most Multifamily Housing

by LBM Journal

Multifamily units are poised to dominate new housing throughout the nation, even as the sector faces slowing rent growth as inventory continues to climb. Coastal regions dominate the list of new starts, claiming nine of the top 10 slots, while several metropolitan areas in the Midwest and South will see much less supply in the near future.

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Young Renters Embrace Community and Green Features

by Christine Serlin

A sense of community and green living are the primary concerns for Gen Z and millennials, according to a survey of young renters by Grubb Properties. Nearly 75% of respondents said they valued connections with their neighbors, while half would like recycling and composting made available.

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What Apartment Growth Will Look Like in 2024

by Erika Morphy

September was the fifth straight month for rent decreases, but rent prices remain well above pre-pandemic levels. Rents will be moderately soft for the better part of 2024, according to Chief Economist Danielle Hill, because of increasing supply, but it won’t be an overwhelming factor.

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