Possession Partner Experiences Unprecedented Growth Surge

by Darcey Leach

Resident Interface’s Possession Partner, multifamily’s only comprehensive revenue recovery management solution, today announced the addition of over 150,000 units utilizing the platform since May of this year.

Possession Partner is currently active in five states — Florida, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee and Maryland – all among the top states nationwide in eviction filings according to evictionlab.org. Possession Partner also has plans for a fourth-quarter expansion into California, where the nation’s longest-running eviction moratoriums will be lifted by February 1, 2023.

Possession Partner is a full-service digital eviction case management system, featuring pioneering software and innovative procedures that deliver streamlined processing and significantly decreased time-to-possession. The service ensures compliance through an organized, consistent, and transparent process, lifting the eviction management task from overburdened property teams while providing visibility into every step of the eviction process.

“The interest in our comprehensive eviction management system has been absolutely incredible,” said Larry Bellack, executive vice president of Possession Partner. “Evictions have become increasingly complicated in the past few years. Multifamily operators, already facing hiring and retention challenges, understand this critical function is best handled by Possession Partner, allowing onsite teams to focus on their core competencies. We’re excited to work with our new partners, providing them with an eviction solution that’s easy and on-time.”

As one of four complementary Resident Interface services – which include Resident Advocate, Resident PreCollect and Hunter Warfield – Possession Partner coordinates all eviction-related paperwork, communication and filings on behalf of properties, enhancing the process between operators and their eviction attorneys.

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