Industry Trends Report | Week of July 24


Why Parking Pain Points Should Be a Priority

by Todd Katler

Of all the amenities a community currently carries or may add in the future, very few will be as important as parking spaces. More than two-thirds of prospects say parking is important. Many of them won’t even consider a place where parking is an issue, which is easy to discover since parking is mentioned in nearly 15% of reviews. Optimizing current available space is the most efficient path to addressing parking woes.

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Fostering a Self-Starter Culture to Unleash Employee Potential

by Kendall Pretzer

A one-size-fits-all approach to leadership produces teams that feel unseen and unheard, which quickly leads to them being uninterested and out the door. To realize the full potential of employees, organizations need to provide their self-starters with mentorship and empowerment.

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Give Multifamily Its ‘Barbieheimer’ Moment

by Greg Lozinak

There’s no need for multifamily to focus on a single generation when trying to decide what they want to do. It’s possible (and better) for communities to create amenities and events that appeal to people of different ages at the same time — even when it feels like they shouldn’t mesh.

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Digital Natives Diversify the Rental Journey

by Kathy Neumann

With the rapid changes in the renter’s journey, a smile when a prospect walks in the door isn’t enough anymore. Owners and operators need an effective program of integrated marketing that appeals to their target audience and must capture potential residents the moment they begin to look. And while digital marketing is necessary, the people factor is still crucial to build trust.

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Optimizing the Digital Foundation of Communities

by Jeffrey Kok

As the leasing process becomes more technologically modernized and residents build their personal tech-reliant worlds, the need for solid and reliable infrastructure becomes a paramount issue. Digital foundation has created an opportunity for communities to adapt to changing needs.

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Catch Me If You Can…And I Bet You Can’t!

by David Stunja

More than 10 million fraudulent documents are submitted to leasing teams on an annual basis — more than 1,200 per hour. Of the financial documents submitted, nearly 13% of them are found to be illegitimate, and technology has allowed scammers to become more sophisticated.

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Amazon Telling Workers to Relocate to Main Office Hubs

by Jack Rogers

In a push to bring its people back into the office, Amazon is requiring its employees to relocate to the main office hubs where their respective project teams are based, even if the employees are closer to a smaller, regional hub. This comes after a mandate that employees work a minimum of three days per week in the office and more than 27,000 layoffs since Q4 2022.

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Federal reserve Update: Rate Hikes Return

by Jordana Rothberg

After taking a very brief break from 10 consecutive hikes, the Fed went right back to raising interest rates, boosting them another 25 basis points to their highest levels in more than two decades. The Fed added that the tightening to control inflation had yet to take full effect.

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Migration to High-Risk Areas Skyrockets

by Matt Waselewski

Since the end of the pandemic, Americans have migrated to areas that pose the highest risk for flooding, wildfires and extreme heat, according to a study by Redfin. Many are choosing waterfront views and more affordable living without first calculating the potential long-term costs.

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